Roof deck amenity at NOVA Long Island City condos. Dining table next to outdoor sectional couch and armchair.
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41-05 29th Street, Long Island City, New York 11101
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Modular furniture bedroom created by Bumblebee Spaces. Spacious room with large windows, couch, bed, and tv.
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With Bumblebee,spaces can now transform - your living room can become a bedroom or an office, all within the same
footprint. A single tap or voice command can prompt your belongings from the ceiling, dim the lights,
or lower the bed. Without adding square footage, Bumblebee makes it possible to create more usable space. This robotic furniture system is an
approach that elevates real estate, making it better for everyone - residents, developers, NYC, and the planet.
Your space is now multipurpose.
Leave making space for us, and focus on making time for yourselves. Bumblebee’s robotic furniture transforms rooms
to make space for your fitness activities, your home office, and more!